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Photo Exhibit and Relationship Map

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Take a photo of every single person you know. Hang them in a gallery. Run colored string between the pictures. Color code the strong to indicate the nature of the relationship.

Crayon Art

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

A juried art exhibit of crayon art produced by fine artists. Could be done either as an “open” project where artists could submit any kind of work, or, could be fun to limit it to actually coloring pages from a coloring book.

Excercises in Creativity #5

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Some Creative prompts from which to work in any creative endeavor that interests you:

-Is free really free?
-do the opposite of what you want to do
-make something that would appeal to a conservative older woman
-examine your thoughts about formally presenting artwork
-the letter “Q”
-6 variations of a human hand
-’I-centrism’ present in Western Culture

Things that go Boom

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Construct lexan boxes of sufficient strength to withstand the detonation inside them of sufficient explosive force to blow apart a book. Coat the inside walls of the box with a clear adhesive. Place explosive charge and a book holy to some religious group inside the box. Make it go Boom. Repeat with additional boxes and other holy books. Let the final exhibit demonstrate that after violence is applied, all the holy words end up looking the same.

Photo project / exhibit

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Find a person who is both photogenic and enthusiastic with their facial expressions. Set up a camera on top or behind a television to capture their range of faces throughout an extended period of time playing a video game, or, set up a camera to take pictures while they’re rehearsing dialog for a play, or any activity that will run them through the widest possible range of facial expressions. Put together an exhibit of the photos, such that every shot is of the same person making a different face and which includes as many different faces as will fit in the space. One face, a hundred faces.

Art Show

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Was at a reading in an art gallery last night and while checking out their lighting set-up I had an idea for a way to do an art show. Hang the work like normal, but, instead of the normal lighting, the gallery should be as near to total dark as possible. When visitors arrive to view the work, they are given miner’s helmets with forehead flashlights on them. I can picture the beams moving about the gallery, the pieces with more than one viewer lighting up with more light, the show’s overall visibility shifting and changing with the way the viewer’s line of sight changes.

Velcro Word Balls

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Picture one of those waist-high in plastic balls pools like they have in some of the playlands for children. But each ball has a word written on it like they put numbers on lottery balls. And each ball is wrapped with strips of Velcro hook fabric. The walls of the space are covered in Velcro loop fabric. Jump in, swim around, fling poems onto the walls.

Concept In Context

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Research all documented periods throughout art history (you’ll learn some great things along the way). Make an equal number of small boxes out of archival rag paper. Collaborate with artists whose work represents each period of art history. Have each artist examine the same theme, perhaps “art itself”. Give them all specific deadlines as artist’s are often otherwise occupied with other projects and ideas. Collect all work, document it, giving proper credit to all parties involved. Compile each work representing a specific period in art history on one large piece of firm board (mat board, wood, etc.)

Matt and frame nicely.

Lastly, write an essay about the project and submit to galleries to be considered for exhibition. Then make prints of the completed artwork to share with the world.

Levels of Encoding

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Have you ever seen one of those powers of 10 explanations that zoom out by powers of 10, then zoom in by powers of ten? If so, hold that visual.

I want to show all the layers of encoding and then decoding that occur when something simple and digital happens. An email, or, a keystroke sent in a chat, or an X-10 camera showing a gallery patron walking in. The *thing* is not as important as being able to show all the significantly different layers. I don’t even know them all, but, I know they are myriad. I hit a key, and it’s an electrical signal that gets converted many times before it even displays on my screen. Now send it over a simple network and think of all the transforms that are happening to get different parts of the network to handle it. I want the finest level of granularity that is possible/practical/interesting. Down to binary if possible. Realtime if possible. Imagine being able to type in an arbitrary text at a terminal in a gallery and then seeing on 57 different screens each discrete step involved in IMing it to another computer at the end of the exhibit. The original text shows up colored so that when it’s encoded it’s still discernible from the parts that are its envelopes, maybe.