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A Limitless Supply of Great Character Names

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

This wasn’t always the case, but, I noticed that lately the names showing up as the “Sender” in my Spam folder have evolved away from the ridiculous and towards the pretty kick-ass if you’re writing a book, short story, or play and need character names. Here’s what I have in there right this second:

Elizabeth Haskins, Leroy Whittaker, Mavis Darling, Brian Bergman, Rosetta Moore, Rachelle Burkett

All prime candidates for characters, I think.

Exercises in Creativity #6

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Creativity is often more about the process than any specific result, or an orientation towards new ways of approaching things if you will. While we may start out intending to achieve something in particular, the lessons we learn along the way have the power to transform our whole way of thinking and subsequently being. When we seek out creativity, we open ourselves up to a multiplicity of new ideas and experiences.

This post is not particularly a specific Free Idea Factory idea, but rather a gateway to perhaps producing some new Free Idea Factory ideas and finding appropriate applications for them.

While doing some online research, I came across a great collection of Free Creative Thinking Tools, compiled by Chuck Frey of The list of links to these tools can be found here.They are free and include downloadable text-based tools and web-based creativity tools.

An example of one of the tools listed is Jump Start. This online tool, provided by Idea Champions, first asks you to state your problem or challenge. Next, it generates a list of random adjectives, and inserts them into questions to help you to generate fresh ideas and insights (example: “What insights or ideas about my challenge do I get from the word ‘unbreakable?’”). Next, Jump Start asks you to record the underlying principle that is embodied in your favorite idea from the previous step. It also asks you to record any new, actionable ideas are sparked by this underlying principle. Finally, this online tool asks you to enter the subject, e-mail address and name of someone to whom you’d like to send your new idea — someone whose support and collaboration you need to help make the idea a reality.

a rainy day room

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) are advised to find ways to be in the light. as someone who gets blue when having to put up with constant sunshine and blue sky, i would love it if there were a place, a room or something that simulates storms, rain, clouds etc. i’d also love winter rooms. summer might be a bit more bearable for those of us who suffer from this rainy version of SAD. i don’t know if there is anyone else that loathes the sun & bluesky as much as i do. perhaps not. i’m also much more creative in rainy, stormy weather or in winter than i am in summer where my brain turns to mush in the horrible heat.

artists’ trading cards

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

i know these already exist, i’ve heard of them but have never been part of any group that has exchanged them. the idea is to make cards, much like baseball or hockey cards, except for poetry or other art forms and then trade them. i’d love to give out and receive them. any links to such would be very welcome or if you do them already.

A Progressive/ Collaborative Literary Work

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Forgive me if this is an existing mode of writing that I am unfamiliar with.

A Progressive/ Collaborative Literary Work would be developed by a group of writers. A subject would be agreed upon (or it could be looser depending on the intended outcome) and then the participants established. The first person would begin the work. Perhaps each person could write a chapter of a book for example.

After the worked was deemed complete (the last person added their part), the first person would make edits, then sequentially each contributor would make edits. The process could be repeated or changed as desired until the group agreed that the work was ready to be considered for publishing.

I think some key factors to the project’s success would be:

-Choose the group carefully (make sure you can work well with the group members and admire the quality of their work)
-Establish and stick to deadlines
-It will be what it will, you can’t control the outcome, it may take a while to get a rhythm going between the group members

Pothole Portal to Poetry

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

There are a lot of potholes in our roads here. Seems like an awful lot of untapped poetential.

A couple of ideas:

  • Create some sort of jack-in-the-box springed device, with a word attached to the top. Place it in the pothole. Attach a cover. When driven over, the cover should lift and the word should pop up.
  • Line the pothole with tyvek that has a poem written on it.
  • Cover the pothole with tyvek that has a drawing or a word on it. For best effect, find a road with multiple potholes so you can compose an entire work - be it a poem or a series of drawings that fit together in some way.
  • Or, just get a bunch of those googly eyes and glue them to the inside of the pothole. Hundreds of them. Creepyfun.

More Fun with Wallpaper

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Turn your friend’s trash into domestic treasure. Over the course of a year as you visit your friend’s homes, pick up any ephemera out of their trash (bathroom, kitchen, stuff on floor). Keep this private. Tuck it in your pocket and don’t say a word. When you bring it home, add it to your collection. Wallpaper a small room in your house with it all. At the end of the year, invite your pals over for a party. Serve drinks from your newly papered room.

You might lose a few friends, or make them closer.

Excercises in Creativity #5

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Some Creative prompts from which to work in any creative endeavor that interests you:

-Is free really free?
-do the opposite of what you want to do
-make something that would appeal to a conservative older woman
-examine your thoughts about formally presenting artwork
-the letter “Q”
-6 variations of a human hand
-’I-centrism’ present in Western Culture

music prompts

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

use your music playlist as a creativity generator. set it on shuffle. write what pops into your head based on the song that comes up.


Monday, June 9th, 2008

A T-shirt that says: Searching for Signal