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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

A web-based anthology (so, a blog) that showcases the art of the mis-print. When the digital demons wriggle into files and play havoc, the results are often quite interesting. Two examples below (click to enlarge):


Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Organizing readings here locally we’re always talking about what we can do to make it more than just an open mic, to give people a good solid reason for coming out. Having a feature + an open mic is a good combination. Having a theme seems to work, too. Combining with music or dance or some other art form also helps put butts in the chairs. Anyway, as we were brainstorming event ideas we came up with one good idea.

Everybody has at least one poem that drops the F-bomb. Performers will often express a concern over whether it’s appropriate or not to read that poem at any given event.

We’re thinking it could work (and be a heckuva fun evening, and a decent crowd draw) to host an evening of nothing but poems that have the word “fuck” in them. If the poem doesn’t drop the F-bomb, it can’t be read. No exceptions. So, that’s part one of the idea: an evening devoted to dropping the F-bomb. Everyone walking in knows what to expect, everyone reading knows what they can uncork, and a good time is had by all.

Here’s where it gets better.

I think so many people have great poems that drop the F-bomb that the evening could be structured NOT as a “show up with your F-bomb poem” and sign up to read, but, instead, submit your F-bomb poem to an editor who could hand select the best ones so it’s an event that has some fucking standards!

It gets better still.

If this event were to occur, say, once a month or so, then at the end of the year, all the poems selected by the editor could appear in a print anthology.

And finally…

One thing that’s sure to happen if you remove the “open mic” aspect and go with a straight platform of preselected readers is a decrease in audience. So to address that fact, the evening gets structured as
only mostly preselected readers and then there’s an open mic to follow. The best poem from the open mic (as judged by audience response) earns a wildcard entry into the anthology.