Pothole Portal to Poetry

There are a lot of potholes in our roads here. Seems like an awful lot of untapped poetential.

A couple of ideas:

  • Create some sort of jack-in-the-box springed device, with a word attached to the top. Place it in the pothole. Attach a cover. When driven over, the cover should lift and the word should pop up.
  • Line the pothole with tyvek that has a poem written on it.
  • Cover the pothole with tyvek that has a drawing or a word on it. For best effect, find a road with multiple potholes so you can compose an entire work - be it a poem or a series of drawings that fit together in some way.
  • Or, just get a bunch of those googly eyes and glue them to the inside of the pothole. Hundreds of them. Creepyfun.

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