a rainy day room

people with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) are advised to find ways to be in the light. as someone who gets blue when having to put up with constant sunshine and blue sky, i would love it if there were a place, a room or something that simulates storms, rain, clouds etc. i’d also love winter rooms. summer might be a bit more bearable for those of us who suffer from this rainy version of SAD. i don’t know if there is anyone else that loathes the sun & bluesky as much as i do. perhaps not. i’m also much more creative in rainy, stormy weather or in winter than i am in summer where my brain turns to mush in the horrible heat.

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3 Responses to “a rainy day room”

  1. Tom Lucier Says:

    I totally agree with this, as I am fair-skinned, and living in WIndsor, Ontario, Canada, the humidity capital of…somewhere. It’s bad. I’ve spent time in Houston, TX, L.A., and even El Salvador, and Windsor is the worst…the champ.
    I would LOVE an Autumn room or a rainy-day, drizzle room/simulator.
    You’re not alone on this one.

  2. Amanda Says:


  3. Suzanne Says:

    I’ve always thought I had “reverse SAD” because I turn into The Crankiest Person in the World when it’s hot & sunny out (and I’m only happy when it’s cold/cloudy/rainy/stormy/snowy out).