Exercises in Creativity #6

Creativity is often more about the process than any specific result, or an orientation towards new ways of approaching things if you will. While we may start out intending to achieve something in particular, the lessons we learn along the way have the power to transform our whole way of thinking and subsequently being. When we seek out creativity, we open ourselves up to a multiplicity of new ideas and experiences.

This post is not particularly a specific Free Idea Factory idea, but rather a gateway to perhaps producing some new Free Idea Factory ideas and finding appropriate applications for them.

While doing some online research, I came across a great collection of Free Creative Thinking Tools, compiled by Chuck Frey of innovationtools.com. The list of links to these tools can be found here.They are free and include downloadable text-based tools and web-based creativity tools.

An example of one of the tools listed is Jump Start. This online tool, provided by Idea Champions, first asks you to state your problem or challenge. Next, it generates a list of random adjectives, and inserts them into questions to help you to generate fresh ideas and insights (example: “What insights or ideas about my challenge do I get from the word ‘unbreakable?’”). Next, Jump Start asks you to record the underlying principle that is embodied in your favorite idea from the previous step. It also asks you to record any new, actionable ideas are sparked by this underlying principle. Finally, this online tool asks you to enter the subject, e-mail address and name of someone to whom you’d like to send your new idea — someone whose support and collaboration you need to help make the idea a reality.

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4 Responses to “Exercises in Creativity #6”

  1. Emma Says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading this blog for a while now, and found the ideas and tips really inspirational. Its really helped me to be more creative, and take more risks with my creativity. I’ve just started my new blog at http://prittstickandscissors.wordpress.com/, uploading pages of my art journals, and I thought I’d share how your site has helped. Thanks!

  2. JHK Says:

    David, that is a great jump start tool - fun and useful. Thanks for posting it. You might be getting an email soon…

  3. David Says:

    Thanks very much for the feedback Emma. I’m very glad that these Exercises in Creativity have helped you become more creative. Your artwork is very fun. Keep it up and do stay in touch!


  4. David Says:

    Glad you liked the tool Jen. More can be found here: