Social Website Responsibility Watch Group

I have recently been hearing some pretty concerning things about how some popular Social Websites can use your private information. I think having a Social Responsibility Watch Group would be a great service to general Social Website consumers.

I realize that there is an individual responsibility on the part of the consumer to agree with these Social Websites terms and conditions and privacy policies. But sometimes they change and we may not keep up on them like we should, we may have been less aware of the importance of these policies, or misunderstood them.

Having a group that would monitor and report problems with how your identities and information are managed on popular Social Websites would be something I would be interested in.

Here are some links about popular Social Websites, that I found disturbing:

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2 Responses to “Social Website Responsibility Watch Group”

  1. Pearl Says:

    some ways to be securer online:

    privacy settings on facebook:

  2. David Hage Says:

    Thanks for the resources Pearl. Those are great tips for people using social networking sites!