Phone Camera Graffiti Documentation

With the ubiquitousness of camera phones these days the time is ripe for a photoblog that consists of documentation of bathroom graffiti. I know there’s blogs out there documenting street art (Wooster Collective is my favorite), but this more behind-closed-stall-doors work is in need of the same treatment.

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4 Responses to “Phone Camera Graffiti Documentation”

  1. mark Says:

    you mean like

  2. zoe Says:

    Stall Wall Poetry. Pretty sure it’s just, but if not there’s a link from

  3. Suzie Says:

    WOW, my heart just skipped a beat! I just found a link to this blog through swissmiss and was reading through some old posts when I found this one calling my name loud and clear!

    I am, in fact, the creator of Stall Wall Poetry, which can indeed be found at Please do stop by and check it out! I’m also always looking for photo submissions so if you manage to snap some shots yourself, please send them along! :)

  4. Sangesh Says:

    the website you’ve linked, i found it quite humorous. I had a good time surfing this site. thanks.