Adult playground

An adult playground. No, not that kind.

When I go to the park, I still use the swings and the monkey bars. Some years ago, as an adult, I went to a waterpark which has zip lines over a pool where you can slide down and drop it.

Mostly though, this stuff is aimed at and sized for kids. I want a playground with adult-size versions of different playground items.

For example:

  • swings that are mounted 30 feet above the ground and hence have a massive arc
  • serious monkey bars
  • giant rope swings in to water or foam pit
  • zip lines from tree to tree
  • giant teeter-totters (kids versions have been removed from parks to due lawsuits of fear of them)
  • giant hamster ball as used at Flaming Lips concerts
  • giant rope ladders
  • trapeze
  • obstacle course

Don’t forget to throw in various gymnastics-type equipment.

Have a blast.

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3 Responses to “Adult playground”

  1. michael pulsford Says:

    there used to be a playground like this in a small town called monash, in victoria, australia. i went there as a kid when we went on interstate trips: monash was about 10kms off the main highway.

    all the rides were made (entirely of steel) by a steel factory across the road which also made sheds and garden equipment. it became a popular tourist attraction and the factory kept churning out weirder and more wonderful rides in response. entry was always free, and all the rides were human- or gravity-powered. the park was big, and you could spend all day there and not get bored. by the time it closed they were getting 200,000 visitors a year.

    they had giant slides (straight, figure-8, and spiral), giant swings, giant flying foxes, gravity-powered toy trains, parent-powered merry-go-rounds, single-person and three-way see-saws. and these funny gyroscope things: you ran in them like a hamster in a wheel til you got momentum up and then hung on for the ride. the only one i can find a photo of online is one of the wheels, here:

    it closed in the 1990s when public-liability insurance got too expensive, and later reopened with safer and more boring rides. if i find more photos i might write a little article about it on my website sometime: it was a truly glorious place.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I love this idea, I always try to find someone with a child so I can go to Chuck-E-Cheese and play in the obstacle course. There aren’t many of those in NYC so I’m left without many other options :\

  3. nikki jean Says:

    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. . why won’t anyone do this? It’d be the most amazing thing ever. . .