About Free Idea Factory

Free Idea Factory is a repository of free ideas. Some people have too many ideas, some people like to work from a prompt. Here is a place where the two can attempt to equalize the uneven pressures in the fluids of their creative minds. These ideas really are free, you are invited to use them, abuse them, twist them, turn them, shake them, bake them, make them your own. Really. We’d really appreciate it if you would give us credit, but really don’t have any way to track you down and enforce it, anyway, so you’re really on the honor system here. If you take an idea from here and make scads of money with it, we will happily accept whatever portion of the proceeds you feel is appropriate—we’re artists, after all, and are always in need of supplies, food, and health insurance, which cashmoney is good at securing. If you are one of those people who has more ideas than time to do them all and you would like to make your ideas available here, drop us a note with a couple dozen of your ideas and we’ll see. Send emails to your favorite word, whatever that may be, at logolalia dot com.

Free Idea Factory ideas have only two constraints. One, they are free for the taking. Two, they have to be actually executable. This means “world peace”, while a GREAT idea, no doubt, is not a Free Idea Factory idea. It also means that if you like a Free Idea Factory idea and want to run with it, you can contact the Free Idea Factory employee who had the idea for help in fleshing out any details of the idea that come up during the creative process of that idea. Remember, these are not ideas we don’t want to do, they’re ideas we don’t have the time to do. Time is a fluid and elastic thing, however, and if your enthusiasm is added to our own enthusiasm for any given idea it might be enough to spark collaboration time.