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What Would You Take From A Burning House

Friday, August 1st, 2008

A series of photos and essays based around the notion of what would you take from your burning house if you had one trip in, by yourself (so limited to what you could carry), and all the animals and family members were already safe. I picture portraits of the people with the goods they’d carry, accompanied by interviews that attempt to explore why the items they went back for have so much significance for them.

Concept In Context

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Research all documented periods throughout art history (you’ll learn some great things along the way). Make an equal number of small boxes out of archival rag paper. Collaborate with artists whose work represents each period of art history. Have each artist examine the same theme, perhaps “art itself”. Give them all specific deadlines as artist’s are often otherwise occupied with other projects and ideas. Collect all work, document it, giving proper credit to all parties involved. Compile each work representing a specific period in art history on one large piece of firm board (mat board, wood, etc.)

Matt and frame nicely.

Lastly, write an essay about the project and submit to galleries to be considered for exhibition. Then make prints of the completed artwork to share with the world.