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offsite project:

sketches built with Processing

Starting small, but thinking big, here's an archive of things built while teaching myself the Processing language/environment.

( this page was last updated Sat Jul 19 15:46:21 2014 )

animations (may or may not be interactive)

all about you, thus beyond category
(first, and possibly last, fully realized non-learning-oriented
project I have done in Processing. Time to move on.)

my cup runneth world
(more playing with particle systems)

effervesce (for Anna Swir)
(playing with particle systems)

a meditation on originality
(Perlin noise, OOP, vectors)

self-portrait in ASCII
(array reverse, brightness detection, case, noLoop)

a picture is worth a thousand oh!s
(array shuffle function, choosing fill color from an image, load an image, load a text file)

676 Ways of Looking at the Alphabet, every letter, viewed through every letter.
(drawing to an off-screen buffer, using a filter to mask one image with another)

love through you, a look at love through you and you through love,
a visual poet dreams of his wife (for Jennifer)
(drawing to an off-screen buffer, using a filter to mask one image with another)

being me, the way ideas surround me feels kind of like this.
(my first project using PVectors, OOP)

Twitter Icon Maker
(recursion, an array of fonts, syntax for bold/italic in Processing.js)

Another Tool for Discovering Your Favorite Letter
(more control over sin/cos, reversing rotation)

ad guru, Taking product marketing to the NEXT LEVEL!
(learning how to use custom fonts in a sketch).

The Book of I, I got the idea to make a book with one letter "i" for every person on the planet.
(and learning how to export to PDF).

The Blurbinator, need a blurb for your book of poetry? I'm here to help.
(capture/store/use input from viewer).

A Tool for Discovering Your Favorite Letter
(translate, rotate, single-key input, interactivity, buttons)

Interactive Fiction (according to mom)
(buttons, simple interactivity)

death of my mother, a failed attempt at a poem I'll keep trying to write.
(manipulate the pixel array, object-oriented programming)

face the facts, across, easy. down? no problem. across and down? read 'em and weep.
(fine-grained mouseover control, 2-Dimensional array)

train of thought, sometimes my train of thought is more like a runaway train.
(weaving iterative motion, long cycle)

hoopy birthday, a birthday card for my wife.
(text on a curve)

a code poetics, or, a poetics of code.
(phase transition occur in time-offset rotations)

a gaggle of mfas, or, what the flock?
(parse someone else's code with enough knowledge to modify it to suit)

love me don't love me, a poem for our cat.
(basic interactivity, mouse location use)

make your own palimpsest, and save it out as a .png!
(save a frame from an animation as an image)

new and improved, or, why poets hate the grocery store.
(Bezier curves, rotate a color to its complement, text in a box, custom shape)

what do you love, a meditation on mortality while learning how to sequence events in time. (fade in/out)

movies (not interactive):

2nd kpow test,
find body outline, and Center of Mass.

kpow test,
just proof of concept that I got Processing and Kinect to work together. Also a work flow that would output movies so I can share these experiments.

animated line shift letters,
a dream I had made real by code.

I announce new pieces via Twitter as they happen. (@danwaber)