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Expand Regex to String

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Here’s a great tool that allows you to enter a regex (like my b[aeiou]d already posted) and it will generate all possible output for it.

Try putting a regex in the regExp box and then clicking on Generate Sentences

8 by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

[hpd]e b[eil] [acef]??a?

helix blues equal
peony beech freak
peg below cabal
pear begun algae
deaf bitch clean

b.[aeoiu][cfgdn] .e[dcmnht].[ae] t.[crklnm].

briny wedge tummy
brick pence tinny
bring tense tacit
blunt sense tumor
bough venue tacky

b.[aeoiu][cfgdn] .[ae][dcmnht].[ae] [dt].[crklnm].

bluff tense delve
been mange dummy
being genie dirty
bloc venue dicta
black media torch

[pb].[aeoiu][cfgdn] .[ae][dcmnht].[ae] [dt].[crklnm].

bled sedge threw
phone manse dance
baud cadge tamer
beef pence decry
bran bathe tulip


fan mail baboon absolutism watershed salable marketable
abstruseness naturalization absorbency acupuncture barbecue
vacillate van fancier obstinately varmint bangle hardy canine
cardiac arrest saline bail safety pin waistband academician
fallibility sampler rapt garage sale masterwork economically
car pool fatality accustom bath laden accessibly fallibility
caller cam scholarship easygoing patrolman scratch paper
haywire cannibalize parking lot gaffe mayoral bard sawmill
garbage bale canape backbit faithfully fatalistic paw carillon
halter mar ocher paradox washstand sanely narc savor parking meter
scarify bargain abalone jalopy lambskin accelerate bathhouse
payday manipulation cable television margin fascination
ballad pantheon made-up path safely mandate partially painkiller
parishioner batten absentee wax bean paradoxically waylaid
fan acupuncturist famine larynx casing washing


nearly prospect peeling neutralize keel problematically
geneticist well-balanced wealthy meddler definiteness
prosperously prosper bequest sensibility idiosyncrasy
trickster seaworthy groundwork dross webbed reassurance
drug geisha troubleshooter departmental irradiate recede
bellow testate petite orphan jester organizer performance
respire refurbishment frightening predecease selfless
wearisome free brass depressed drifter grounds despondently
responsible regional tepid iris aeon resolved verily beachcomber
self-pity draftsmanship trickle reiterate bestow arrogant
heir apparent crass odium cruciform genus prime number
bedbug seasonally decide melting pot granola crier desirable
educate granny velvety grocery relax redundant preterite
headfirst serge menstruation rest artless beady prearrangement
propensity franc bride train brusque self-preservation
prosaically peon decency pen name bellybutton adenoids


taper breezy transition transaction urinal fated frontiersman
artery grenade orangutan gauntlet free fall favorite son
raze parole casework crankshaft valet dauntless twinge dryer
cajole armor hater freeze canoe grandstand bronchitis paternal
grand slam brandy bayonet capon sweet corn safety belt
faun fated transparently sweetly transience carnally greet
carefully saxophonist barometer pronouncement mannish
water heater ironical base on balls tapeworm maintenance
fries caterwaul arterial parental preexist drier majority
palomino savoir-faire barnacle tapeworm granny crinkly
jaunty gamecock nakedly saleable free will rain face-saving
crony baton magnetize swoon branding iron safeguard mace
tape recording vaunted water lily green pepper carousel
sane front mannered mademoiselle oriental bronze rainy samovar
favorable name raceway frozen layette crooked grand slam


two-time liquidate link lighter enormity tight lightheartedly
financier timepiece filch twill encrust tiger figure of speech
titillate enthrall finite limited twin engaged living tissue
tick limelight engrave tissue paper limbo encore lichen
tirelessness liturgy field trip litmus fictional lifesaver
enforcer encase fire extinguisher lighten likable fifty
lisle firebreak lineal litany fineness eggplant time frame
lingo first lady lissom tiddlywinks lieu egg tie twinkling
entertainingly lift fiddle fiberglass egg enormous ensign
enticement lip-read field glasses titillation ensemble
likelihood tipple lief timberland field marshal filch fidelity
fictitious engagingly filament fizz endurable enforceable
fizzle entomb tit for tat enfranchisement tilde filibuster
firebreak line liken encapsulate fibber tinsel lithographer
tiptop linchpin two-faced license plate entrepreneur licentious

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

regex poem #1

Monday, September 1st, 2008